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Hand cream: how to choose the right one!
By maggio 29, 2019 0 Comment

Hand cream: how to choose the right one!

Why is using hand cream important? Using the right hand cream is very important to keep them healthy and beautiful (hands are our business card, right?)

Your hands are particularly exposed to the effects of cold, especially when they are particularly cold. Dry, cracked skin (sometimes up to the bleeding), cold and aching hands, chilblains are the main signs of these effects that are not limited to the aesthetic factor only. It is a question of health, especially of prevention.

The skin of the hands is different!

Compared to that of the other parts of the body, the stratum corneum (the one in contact with the outside) is more "coriaceous" and poor in those functional elements such as the glands sebaceous glands that guarantee a natural hydration

External factors make it more stressful

The skin of the hands is subject to continuous stress being almost always exposed to external atmospheric agents and washed frequently. The effect of these external factors is a progressive loss of hydration which reduces the firmness and elasticity of the skin causing cracks.

*The main problem to solve to keep our hands healthy is therefore dehydration*

What are the benefits of moisturizers for hands?

A good hand cream must therefore help to prevent the loss of hydration which is the underlying factor of the cold-caused data. To counteract dehydration it is necessary two times that a good cream has 4 functions:

Stimulating cell regeneration

Helping hand skin to fight cold cell regeneration damage, to accelerate the repair of damage caused by cold and external factors

Brings hydration

Thanks to the moisturizing and humectant substances, bring water and therefore hydration to favor the maintenance of elasticity and compactness

Preserve hydration

Thanks to oily / greasy substances, it creates a "protective film" that reduces water loss and binds to water, retaining it on the skin

Feeding skin

Nourish to make up for the natural deficiency of the external leathery layer and keep the skin compact and elastic

When to use hand cream? Is the use of a good hand cream sufficient?

  • The password is prevention. The effects on already damaged skin are notably attenuated if not absent. We must begin to use it with cold promises to preserve their health and appearance
  • Some tips and some forethought to follow in everyday life. It is a good idea not to use too-soapy soaps to combat dry hands and to use a good cream frequently (better after each wash), do not overdo the rinsing sanitizing gels (they are almost all alcohol base that promotes superficial dehydration of the skin), use gloves when doing housework or when it is cold


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